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The journey towards equity

We believe that equity is an ever-evolving journey.

We'll meet you where you are today, and walk with you every step of the way.


Our Equity Navigator acts as our guide, taking us through the iterative and connected stages of Enlightenment, Mobilization and towards the ultimate state of Momentum.   

The Equity Navigator ™

This journey is not linear but has a logical flow:

As a condition for equity, we nurture enlightenment, where each individual gains appreciation of the value of others, leans into biases and gets comfortable with open conversations. Inclusion thrives with initiatives that ignite awareness, curiosity, compassion, and a willingness to understand and value the personal stories of others.


An organization is truly mobilized when Leadership ‘walks the talk’ of DEI and invests in equity. The organization defines and activates its journey towards equity with required resources, and visibly rewards equitable actions and individuals. Here, positive impact on people, business and culture starts to be seen.


Momentum comes when equity is the norm. It is baked into the operating model and is core to the cultural barometer. Everyone owns and is accountable for equity, and metrics show sustained impact for your people, brands, business and communities.

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