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Powering Up equity impact with an equity strategy and roadmap

Our client, a leading technology company has a strong commitment towards the furtherance of equity both internally (amongst leaders and colleagues) and externally (with current and future customers).

The team wanted to elevate equity across the business agenda, and to seamlessly embed equity best practice principles, approaches and tools into both the business unit strategies and internal people L&D agendas.

We designed and developed a customized Power Up DEI  3-day live action learning bootcamp. We guided the team through a practical live action learning, facilitated work session, where they built an Equity Experience Strategy and Roadmap that directly addressed key inequities and pain points. 

We used our Equity Experience Framework as an anchor for the creation of a curated program with the following tangible outputs

  • Alignment on an inclusive purpose, defined goals and success measures

  • Generation of insights that identified priority inequities across the people and customer experiences

  • A powered-up strategy that built on existing plans, and directly addressed priority pain points and inequities across the experience

  • Generation of specific ideas and a phased roadmap for execution 

  • A clear plan for partner and leadership activation

  • A performance and impact measurement system and dashboard

Alongside this we provided a Playbook that detailed the approaches, tools and outputs used to enable knowledge transfer back into the organization.

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