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Accelerating diversity influence and impact in the insights industry  

The Insights Association is the foremost nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the market research and analytics industry in the US. Its IDEA Council (an acronym for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access) works “to address the lack of representation, opportunity and inclusion in the insights profession and the customer populations it researches.”
To further its mission, the Council partnered with Equitas Insight to launch a pioneering, industry first fellowship program focused on the recruitment, development and career progression of diverse talent.

We worked the IDEA Council to design, develop and deliver Insights IDEAtors,  a 12-month paid, remote- working fellowship program for diverse college graduates, vocational or early career professionals who are seeking to learn, explore and gain practical work experience within the insights industry.

The program combines semi-structured learning, with two distinctive work rotations (each for 6 months with a different host organization) as well as the opportunity for IDEAtors to contribute to the industry’s body of knowledge through an Inclusive Insights project that they will work on as a part of the program.

It brings together leading insights organizations from across the research, insights & data analytics industry, who are working in partnership to sponsor, host, and enable this unique immersive exploration of our industry. Our 2022/23 inaugural host organizations include Accenture, Adelphi, Escalent, Gongos, Ignite360, LinkedIn, Material, Paradigm, Schlesinger Group, You Gov and Zappi.

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