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Digging deeper to uncover the lived experiences and vital signs of equity

Our client is a global leader in pharmaceuticals with an inclusive business purpose and a restless commitment to furthering diversity, equity and inclusion, with tangible, measurable impact.

Their team wanted to answer a critical question.

‘How well are we doing in delivering ‘Equity’ across our organization and what must be prioritized to move forward with pace and tangible positive impact?’

We worked with the team, using our proprietary Equity Navigator model and AI powered, qualitative & quantitative insights methodology to help to answer this question.

We conducted a moderated 60-minute qualitative online research conversation with a quantitively robust sample of colleagues. The conversation facilitated a rich dialogue around the key drivers of equity. We used a combination of polling questions, open-ended and % agree questions combined with NLP to get to a rich, meaningful, qual at scale’ understanding of what was actually experienced (or observed) in practice. Our methodology goes beneath the surface to precisely uncover the specific beliefs, bias, ingrained practices & behaviors that are barriers to equity.

This enabled us to provide our client with detailed qual/quant diagnostics on:

  1. Where they are on their journey towards equity (i.e., enlightenment vs mobilization vs momentum)

  2. How they are performing against each of the key drivers and dimensions of equity – based on the lived experiences of colleagues

  3. Precisely how equity and inequity is experienced or observed in practice for each of the key dimensions (the vital signs)

  4. The differences in beliefs, perceptions, behaviors and experiences of diverse vs non-diverse colleagues

  5. The priority inequities to be addressed for tangible progress and measurable impact

Our comprehensive output provided actionable insights that became a springboard for diversity, equity and inclusion prioritization and planning. 

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