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We invite you to explore some examples of our work

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Equity Insight

Understanding where we are on our equity journey and the vital signs of equity and inequity that are experienced by our people.

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Equity Experience 

Powering up diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, and addressing key inequities, with a clear roadmap for activation and impact.

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Equity Experience

An industry first program for accelerating diverse talent representation, influence and impact across the insights industry.

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What others say about us...  


A fantastic team of passionate, experienced and dedicated Change Management Leaders and Global Marketing Professionals, who have the skills, wisdom and expertise to shape compelling diversity strategies and to deliver tangible and practical programs that get proven results. You could not be in better hands. 

Mhairi McEwan
Board Trustee & Co-Founder Brand Learning, now part of Accenture Interactive 


In the quest to "peel back the layers", this team consistently  uncovered the "aha" root emotional causes of human behavior so that we can truly and ultimately understand it. Using a deft combination of rigorous process and deep experiences (both professional and personal), Sandra and Ana time and time again guided us to robust strategies that delivered. Their work in this "mission critical" space of DEI reflects this much-admired blend of rigor, passion, intuition and action.

R Scott Creighton
Independent Consultant (Formerly VP of Marketing, Johnson & Johnson) 


I was impressed with the whole experience working with them. Their focus was totally on the desired change and the whole training started well before the virtual classroom. They focused on the real company ‘ecosystem’ and engaged leaders, peers and direct managers in support of the new process and ways of working. Participant learnings were immediately applied in their day jobs. I heard from many that ‘this was the best workshop I have attended in my career’.

Head of L&D
Global Fortune 500 Organization


Sandra is my go-to strategist for discovering insights, making connections and translating it all into an actionable plan. Her unique blend of talents allow her to both zoom in diligently to the details, cutting to the heart of the matter, and zoom out to see the bigger picture and apply strategic creativity. Her passion and enthusiasm pervade her work, making our collaborative march towards end results a distinct pleasure.

Mark Connelly
Director of Consumer Marketing, Lutron Electronics 


Where we’ve created and crafted solutions

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What makes us different? 

We combine qualitative and quantitative research best practices with fresh perspectives from fields like Neuroscience, Social Psychology, Linguistics and Cultural Anthropology and technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence and NLP.

We use this to get to the root cause of inequity and to deeply understand how humans form their belief and value systems, how biases are shaped, how they show up as a lived experience and how they can be dismantled.  


We develop original research and work with a network of research institutions and organizational experts to develop our methodologies and secure positive impact for our clients.

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