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We generate equity insights, design equitable experiences and measure equity impact.
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At Equitas Insight, we know that diversity, equity and inclusion is not just the right thing to do, it makes good commercial sense.

In equitable organizations, decisions are 87% smarter, brand value is 69% higher, employee preference is 66% greater and both revenue and profit increase by over 30%.

The business case is clear! Yet getting to equity impact can be difficult to navigate -with no tried and tested roadmap and many pathways to impact. 

We help companies to assess where they are on their journey towards equity and to see how inequities show up in practice, through the lived and observed experiences of their employees and customers.

We identify and prioritize the vital signs of inequity to be addressed, and design equitable experiences for tangible change and impact.

We track and measure equity impact and guide improved Return On Equity Investment (ROEI). 

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