We believe in better

equitas insight was created because we believe that there is always a solution, even for the toughest of challenges. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion remains a critical challenge that requires focused attention from our society and corporations. 

So, at equitas insight, we have a clear purpose: To create fair access to opportunity, equity and the realization of potential, in the organizations, institutions and communities we serve.

This requires us to be swift and intentional about banishing inequity, and instead,  we must support and empower minority identities so that all voices are heard, and all contributions are felt and valued. Only then can we maximize the success of our businesses, institutions and communities. 

This includes (but is not limited to) identities based on:





Mental Health









* Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

We believe that now is the time

The need for driving equity in our world is more urgent than ever before, and businesses need to respond with tangible progress. We have joined this movement and are here to make a difference.

 To this critical agenda, we bring:

  • 20+ years of consultancy experience, successfully delivering enduring behavior change

  • Effective delivery of internal and external equity strategies and programs with our client partners in global, blue-chip organizations

  • Practical experience in designing, developing & delivering training and in embedding learning 

  • Collaboration with a global, diverse network of equity experts (Business Leaders, Academics, Neuroscientists, Social psychologists, Researchers and Data Scientists)

  • Fresh research and insight into the barriers and drivers of equity 

  • Practical tools and frameworks that accelerate impact

  • A holistic, data-driven approach to equity KPIs and impact measurement 


We are grateful for your interest in this important area and look forward to making a difference together! 

Sandra Grandsoult & Ana Maria Santos

equitas insight founders