What we do

We design, develop and deliver diversity, equity and inclusion solutions that drive lasting, transformational change to corporations, institutions and communities.

Our Equity in Focus Framework™ helps to identify and prioritize the key areas of focus, and the practical approaches, tools and actions that work together to deliver tangible advances in equity. 

All of our work is underpinned by the latest thinking in Neuroscience, Social Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, Design Thinking, Research, Data Analytics and AI.

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Equity in Focus Framework™

We lean into the challenges and opportunities that our clients face and help them to answer some critical questions. 


Equity at the center

How to ensure that fair access to opportunity for all is systemically embedded into our brand and business, both internally and externally?


Diversity beyond representation

How to increase the representation and influence of diverse talent at all levels?


Inclusion as a hygiene factor

How to create a psychologically safe environment where all perspectives and contributions are valued, and impacts are felt?


Track the real impact

How to create an equity metrics dashboard that blends commercial, brand, people and cultural measures of impact?

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What this means in practice

Our solutions
Equity Audit.png

Equity audit and diagnostic assessment


Research and Insight generation

Leadership, Sponsorship and Engageemnt.p

Leadership Sponsorship & Engagement


Equity Experience Strategy (EXp)

Program ideation.png

Program ideation, and activation (Internal & external)


Training and practiced equity behaviors

Process .png

Process and tools to embed equity into ways of working

KPI Tracking.png

KPI tracking, impact measurement and reporting systems